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    Now that you have your hot little hands on your 650, what themes have you installed.
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    Check out the below site. I have downloaded the 320 x 320 xp theme backimages and added the ZLT3 Hono ZLXP Hi 64K theme. It looks great with Hi Res...
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    thanks, can't wait till monday.
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    It might just be me, but as a new Zlancher user, I like both the top and bottom toolbars, and most BackImage backgrounds only include a bar for the top toolbar (the bottom is inexplicably transparent, at least on my T650). Also, as gorgeous as some of those graphics are, they're too... colorful for me. I have a hard time seeing the icons on most of them.

    So, I took the 'Bliss' XP desktop, added a bottom bar, and lightened the field-and-sky background. In case anyone else needs something more subtle, I've attached it for others to use.
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