To paraphrase John Kerry. "I wanted the 650 before I didnt want it"

I have been considering the 650 both for myself and for a large group of outside salespeople at work, and I keep going back and forth.


I was certain I wanted the 650, especially after getting to play with one at the roadshow. You can't describe adequatly the 650 in words, you have to experiance it to really fall in love with it. Plus I need to upgrade as my trusy old 300 is just not cutting it anymore and I like the Palm OS and didnt want to go to MS if I could help it. I WAS concerned some about the memory issues and the fact that a Vedor there was complaining about the memory and having not enough memory on his 650 to run the app he was trying to sell me. But, I was hoping that I could work around the memory problems, delete some things, use an SD card when I can and still have it all work.

Right now, Im not so sure. I only have about 600 contacts, but I add a couple each week and I do use the calendar a lot and have lots of appointments and alarms way into the future. One big reason for me to get the 650 was the great reviews on the Mapopolis type programs -- and those were memory eaters on the 600! So we will see. I will not cancel my order and will play with the thing and perhaps a 6601 before deciding. I think its more likely than not that I will keep the 650 and try to make it work for me.


My salespeople need several things. A good phone, good email access (push is nice but not critical, they check email all the time) and a good contact manager. The 650's ability for them to check web sites for product information and updates was a huge plus as were the map programs and was one of the things leaning me in that direction to buy about 25 of the units assuming my personal one turned out to be not buggy and reliable. One of my concerns, however, was that it might be "too much" phone for them. The 650 has so many capabilities that they would never use; is it worth the money and added complication over a simpler device?

Thus I flipped and started to shy away from the 650 as just too much for what we need. Then I flopped back after the roadshow when I saw some of the vendors and thought of some ways we might be able to use the 650 in the future even if we dont have that capability now. So I flopped back to leaning to gettiing the 650s Cost is a factor but not the only one and I decided I could justify a more expensive unit because it gave some possible future capabilities that woudl be useful.

Now with the memory issue as it stands has led me back the other way again. Some of our sales guys have thousands of contacts of customers and vendors and sometimes dozens of appointment every day. So many would not be able to use the 650 for their contacts and even with the lower contact # folks out there, you could probably forget the mapping programs and the like.

So now the 650 is in the doghouse (for business use here) because it is not capable ENOUGH.

Ah, well I guess we will wait and see what, if anything, P1 does to address the issue. But the memory problem has cost them at least (until its fixed if it is) $12-15,000 from THIS organization.