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    I tried to get Easysync to work for several hours. I tried 4.2.1 with the Easysync conduit patch from IBM and I tried 4.2.2. I kept getting the "important components of Palm Desktop software are missing or Palm Desktop is not installed" error everytime I tried to sync with Easysync Pro installed. The only way I could make the error go away was to un-install Easysync. Also, it was hit or miss on getting the Easysync conduits to show up in Custom within Hotsync Manager. Sometimes it would show up, sometimes it wouldn't. I tried every combination of uninstall everything, reboot, install Palm, reboot, install Easysync, reboot, etc., etc., etc. I even poked around in the registry for path statement errors since palm has "palmone" in the new folder structure instead of "handspring" or "palm" as they did before. I found some vague references on google searches to Easysync 4.2 being incompatible with Hotsync 6.0.1, (having to do with the T5 or Tunsten E),but nothing concrete.

    I would love to hear if anyone has gotten Easysync Pro to work with the 650 before I have to pay for the trial edition of mNotes in about 30 days. It is indeed pricey, plus I have already paid for Easysync. Not only that, but it worked just fine with the 600.
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    Per Lotus Support, An upgrade is supposed to be released by the end of the month (Dec/2004). At least that what I was told....
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    I am syncing with notes using Intellisync version 5.00.02 (build 851.22). I currently sync calandar, Personal Address book, Memo Pad, and to do list via intellisync. I use the palm conduit to sync mail becasue it seems to work better. I think I had to uninstall both palm desktop and intellisync and reinstall to get it to work right. But now I have no problems at all. I am on Notes 5.0.6. I know, alittle behind the times, but my company is like that. btw everything syncs both ways so I can make entries on the palm or my computer. I haven't tried to send an email yet. I mostly use it for the calandar and the note pad.
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    I checked Lotus support today and the EasySync Pro problem is "under investigation". No fix yet. But at least there is an entry in the support database acknowledging the problem.
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    I've been monitoring this thread, as I too, have been unable to sync my Treo 650 with my Notes address and calendar since I recieved my 650 in early December.

    For several years now, I've been using Lotus Easysync to sync between Notes and various Palm pilots and Treos and so I was disappointed that it did not work with the 650.

    I decided yesterday that I couldn't wait any longer for Lotus to fix Easysync, so I bought PylonPro 5.3 from Sybase and it works great!

    Given that IBM called me in early December (I have a support contract) and told me that they would have Easysync fixed within 2 weeks and its not been done yet, I was skeptical about Pylon working because their website makes no mention of Treo 650 compatability, so I was quite pleasantly surprised that it works so well.

    For those unfamiliar with the Pylon products, there's basically two desktop options (and some server options I won't get into). There's PylonPro which I purchased and it can sync both standard PIM apps (address, calendar, journal, etc.) and custom Notes apps that you have created (limited to 1 view and basically 1 form). And if you don't need to sync with custom Notes apps, there's Pylon Conduit which only syncs the PIM apps.

    Approximate prices are $150 for PylonPro and $75 for Pylon Conduit.

    Hope this helps,

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    If you're going to pay the $75, I'm a big fan of mNotes. The email client is much better. It gives you access to all your notes folders.
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    It's obviously been nearly a year since the last post on this thread, but for the benefit of anyone who has just run into this problem, I'm glad to report that EasySync Pro version 4.2.3 has been available for a while now. It is clearly stated as supporting Treo 650.

    The bad news is that it is not much cheaper than mNotes though...$65 on IBM e-commerce website. Don't know if we can get it anywhere else.

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    I started to use Intellisync after I ran into some freeze problems with mNotes on my laptop. The IT guys at work were already using Intellisync and had an extra license for me so rather than spend a lot of time debugging the problem I just switched.

    The thing I like about Intellisync is that it doesn't require anything to install on my Treo 650. Everything runs on the PC. I have been happy with it for the past 6 months.
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    Are the new versions of chatter currently being developed only good for outlook and not notes/sametime?
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    Hey Everyone....

    I am using a combo of solutions: Sprints BConnect, and Lotus Easy Sync 4.22 (with latest patch)... Both work great... the BizConnect is for my calendar and email, and I use Easy Sync for my Journal and Contacts...

    I initally had issues with Easy Sync, since I was using Notes v6.5.3, BUT, fixed it when I installed Easy Sync PRO v4.2.2 (with latest Patches). I remember I had to install a patch for Easy Sync Pro... then all my issues were taken care of...

    I have now sinced moved to Notes v7, and it works just fine... just password sync is the only problem, since I have to change my password on Notes every 90 days... but that is the ONLY issue.

    Hope this helps...

    Take care...
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    One problem I had with Intellisync was when there was an appointment with a lot of information which contained special characters. It would crash the application. Hopefully that bug has been fixed. I could always trace it down to 1 or 2 entries that Intellisync was having the issue with. Hope those issues have been resolved.
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    I have been using mNotes for 2 years now--ever since we switched to Notes 6.x with a web-based iNotes add-on which would not work with Intellisync (which I had been using for years before that). My firm bought licenses to EasySync, which is basically a stripped down version of Intellisync. It sucks. I then searched around and went to mNotes after a demo period. Their support is awesome and they are very responsive to emails. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are 5 hours ahead of EST. But if you email them in the morning, they will respond very quickly.

    I am contemplating the switch to the T650 (from verizon to cingular) and am glad to hear that the mNotes app has been updated to work with the 650.

    One caveat: switching devices is a pain. I did this from the Kyocera 7135 to the Treo 600 and basically had to wipe the data from Notes, sync my palm at home (where I use the Palm Desktop on a Mac) and then sync it back to my office. The biggest problem with mNotes is that its entire ethos is that the Notes data is the Master, and the Palm is just a portable version of that. I have been using my palm since 97 or so with the Palm V and that has alway been my master calendar, etc. Plus I use DateBk5, which enables me to code events in ways that I cannot do in Notes or Palm Desktop (eg, advance reminders with daily countdown before deadlines).

    Other than that, I am happy with mNotes. I use Snapper to access the IMAP server, though, so I have not played around much with mNotes wireless.

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    Intellisync works like a charm. I sync both at work (Lotus Notes) and at home (Outlook) and the program manages both. Great!
    - Wouter
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