Beware that you do not run into the same problem that I do with Keycontacts.

When installe don the 650 it will ask you if you want to make the phone button the keycontacts button.

If you say YES, it reassigned your green phone button. You can not do ANYTHING to unassign it, and it becomes useless. If you uninstall Keycontacts it goes back to normal, but upon reinstal it is useless again.

The only way I was able to fix is to delete the pscylaunchbd file and the saved setings file which meant having to re-do just about every treo setting and password.

Also, is Keycontacts necessary anymore? There ar enore fields to map to now, and with the enhanced things in the unit, like pictures for everyone, and certaint hings you can not access (although they TRY to make Keycontacts take over your contacts) such as the palm address book through BC (providing you do not sync your contacts).

I am thiking this may be getting obsolete.. also Splashphoto.. talekd about under multimedia.