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    I was wondering if anyone could direct me in the right direction.

    I tried out Snappermail and the problem is that I'll be getting a ton of spam. I've heard about a couple of solutions that may help, but is there an easy fix to dowload from my server (sbcglobal) without the spam?

    I'm using outlook 2003's spam filter on my desktop which is working very well.


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    How about switching to a mail service that has built-in spam-blockers. The advantage is a portable email address that's unaffected when you switch ISPs. There's lots of options and many can pull in mail from your old addresses fine.

    Even the free GMail service has spam filters at the server end, why waste bandwidth at the client end right?
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    Check This completely solves the issue.
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    Can you give a couple of examples of who provides these types of services?

    Thanks, V.
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    YahooMail Plus

    Just about any mail service actually...
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    Are any of you guys - or girls - are using an outsourced outlook provider? I'm having issues with Spam but reluctant to hand over my email to a antispam filter like SI20.

    I realize outsourcing outlook complicates matters even more - but since I'm moving in that direction anyway...

    I think I'm geeking out!


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