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    no, but i believe the beta expires on 11/30
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    Can anyone post the beta here or email me at I am leaving for a long business trip and hate to be without backup even for a day with a new device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damigs
    Has anyone tried version 1.51?? Seems only 1.45 is talked about with the T650
    This version worked for me to restore a 600 backup to my new 650. It also worked to restore a backup of my initial 650 to a new 650.
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    The beta is working great for me. No problems at all and seems faster than the 600.
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    I tested the beta also. It crashed when it tried to backlup a file (the one for Bizconnection). But since its beta it was a forced crash so I let them know....

    This is after an out of memory error but a soft reset fixed that (and it seems that makes sense with the memory issue).

    Hopefully he will have a working one soon. I reall yam happy for their service.

    by FAR this program on the 600 was a godsend.. it works ... it restores like your treo was exactly ther way it was before.... reliable! SO reccomedned.

    I will be patient while he tackes the issues. Now that the memory issue is out in the open and Paln says they will work with peopel and even released some documentation it seems, I am sure he will soon get this issue resolved.
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    According to this thread some BackupMan crashes might be related to a patchable Docs2Go bug (?).
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    I deleted tdocs to go and soft reesetted..

    The beta crashes out at my S7 files for bizconn.. I am sure they will fix it soon they are very good people there
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    same here. can any post beta version or email it to me so that i can try it out?
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    The author of this program has requested we not distribute the beta version.
    If you are interested you can find more information and how to contact him to get the beta on this page.
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    Anyone else getting a corrupt database error when it gets to S7
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeRadio
    Anyone else getting a corrupt database error when it gets to S7
    No, it works perfectly. What's 'S7'?
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    I have been using the data since yesterday and have not had any problems! Have done a full restore with no issue.
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    Could not get BackupBuddy(V2.15) or BackupMan to work on my T650. TealBackup seems to work and I was able to back up my files (so far). Still testing the app. BackupBuddy(V2.15) worked for a while but then stated causing reboots when I tried to backup or switch to the advanced screen (weird). Works perfectly on my T600 though. BackupMan says not enough memory even though I have a brand new 1g MMC card. Looks like I will be spending some $$ on the Teal.
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    BackupMan 1.52b3 works pretty well for me. The only problem I've had with it is the problem dacarta mentioned. I contacted support and they suggested adding something else to the device and then try and backup. It's worked perfectly since.
    It is an annoying bug but once past it, I'm glad I have backupman back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeRadio
    Anyone else getting a corrupt database error when it gets to S7
    S& Log is a file from biz connection I am pretty sure since its made by 7
    i have mine crash at that file and dont know why.

    It is NOT the biggest file on my treo and i tried a bacluo wiafter a warm reset but it crashes when it hitsd the bizconn file S7

    Anyone else run bizcin and have this issue?

    The peopel from backupman will heck into it they said.
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    Anyone use cardbackup on the 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    Tealbackup is only one that will work for me. It didn't at first. I got some error that database is open. It was "shim logs"-what the hell is this? I just set teal backup to skip this file & all is well. Tealbackup is only one that I know of that will allow you to specify what files to skip. It also can back up only the files that have changed since last backup-very efficient.
    I found that if I shut off bluetooth and reset the device the "Shim Logs Database" error did not appear during a backup. At least with BackupBuddy VFS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishnetb
    It's a good thing I pre-orderd from PalmOne so I can be last in line.
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    BackupMan 1.52b5 now works on the 650...
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    Does anybody elses 650 reset after completing a backup with 1.52b5?
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