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    I have heard people say that at Roadshows they have said if you want the Treo fast buy it elsewhere. I went to the Roadshow in San Francisco and that was never mentioned. That became a statement they (PalmOne) used after a few of the Roadshows.

    Why? I feel it is simple. The people trying to sell their coupons on eBay and on these threads. I am a GSM user so it doesn't affect me yet, but I feel that when they saw all the profiteers online they chose to let the market get flooded with Treo 650's, so the coupons are useless to buy from someone. I remember them saying something like this.."very soon you guys will get to have one of these in your These are my thoughts.
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    To finish the thought. You can have one of these in your hans soon and for coming today we are giving you a great discount.
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    I was at the SF show, too. I do think they said that VC was not a store and that there might be faster alternative means to obtain the 650. Not sure, but I do think I heard that. They did certainly say that the later in time that you order, the later in time that you order would be filled. We'll all see, I guess.

    I just doubt the slowness it attributable to retribution. The purpose of the VC deal is to entice business customers. If they wanted to punish profiteers, they could just cancel the whole deal altogheter.
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    I don't think this is the case - though you may be entirely correct. I'm sure as a manufacturer P1 enters into agreements with specific vendors. Sprint gets xxx number of phones, verizon gets yyy number of phones and so forth. Whoever is set up to operate the phones or is willing to put out a specific number of phones into the market place probably gets first dibs. Sprint is one of the largest cdma carriers and were ready to go. Palm probably allocated a specific number of phones to sprint and had to deliver. I'm sure demand at this point is exhausting the somewhat rushed supply. Simply put, they don't have enough to dole out their big orders (sprint) and smaller orders (via their own site). As for the roadshows, I fully expected we would come last. Any time you're willing to give away a product for a free trial or at half price, you definitely take care of the people willing to pay top dollar from the "git-go" and then do the promotional stuff. I went to the roadshow and probably won't order mine until a day or two before the expiration date - but I'm comfortable with the knowledge that i may not see this thing until christmas. No problems there as whatever i was doing before it was announced can continue to be done until I get the 650.

    The coupons are pretty much useless unless you're an ***** like some of these people actually paying $400 for the opportunity to spend $250 plus more for a phone they won't see any time soon. Not only that, but you're hoping the *** who sold you the coupon will actually mail you the phone when he/she does get it from Palm. I've had two deals go bad for me on ebay and neither of them came close to the sort of stupidity I would have to display to buy someone's coupon...
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    any news on when VCs will ship? samw week as p1?
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    It would be great if it shipped the same week as the Palm site. I believe they said in the email to Sprint user it was 2-4 weeks. I received one that is 5-8 weeks. So for GSM that would mean the week of the 15th of December or the 8th of January.

    Next week will be interesting. Really only three days with Thanksgiving weekend.
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    I'm a Roadshow coupon sufferer too.
    I was at the Long Beach show and I left with the impression that coupon buyers were early adopters and would get the 650 first.
    BUT it seems that 1SFG is right in that those who pay top dollar got the phone first and thats cool too.
    I'm hoping for the Golden email on Monday and the 650 on Tuesday
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    because F1 can't run a marketing campaign to save their life.

    and they love to stick it to loyal customers.
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    Let's see,

    We get to attend a roadshow without demonstrating we're even in the market to purchase anything from their vendors, we get to talk to palm one staff and ask questions, and we get a $250 discount, which is very important if you're already a sprint customer.

    If this is called sticking it to loyal customers, count me in.

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    Has anyone who ordered from Vienna received any indication that their unit has shipped?
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    Nothing other than the 2-4 week email a little over a week ago.

    This feels like sitting in chemistry class in high school and staring at the clock every 30 seconds. When's that bell going to ring!?
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    I think it was a joke, Vienna Channels is not really sell Treo's. I have heard nothing on my order either..
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    I got a reply from Jeff this weekend. He said he is hoping to get stock from P1 within the next couple of weeks.

    LOL, I ordered a g1000 to play with in the interim after reading that.

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    Just got my email back from Jeff. (poor guy.. he's probably being bombarded)

    2-3 Weeks.

    I never got a confirmation email... just wanted to make sure that they recieved my order...
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    The decision to put roadshow attendees at the back of the line for TREO units must have been made by the same ***** who shaved $6 off the COGS to keep the memory so low. Instead of having their most vocal supporters out there showing their friends and promoting the device, they've got them sitting around feeling stupid for accepting 'the offer'.

    And don't tell me about taking care of SPRINT of higher paying customers. Excited and active user evangelists are the most important thing to a technology device, and they knew it when they offered this deal. The discount they offered is the best deal of their marketing lives. Or it could have been. - DPAM
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpam
    Instead of having their most vocal supporters out there showing their friends and promoting the device, they've got them sitting around feeling stupid for accepting 'the offer'.

    I've been responsible for 2 people purchasing 600's and many others wanting to. But no 650 for me yet. Very bad marketing on F1's part.
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    My understanding about the roadshows is that it was an invitation to IT managers to learn more about the product and test it out to see if it would fit the needs of their respective companies. I don't recall the invitation being extended specifically to people like me - individuals with no IT management or decision making responsibilities - but interested in learning more about the product and getting a pretty good discount in the process. Frankly, I'm a little surprised at the venom being thrown at P1 for doing this. I think - as has been demonstrated here - that people would have been lining up for this thing, discount or not. I'm saying this as a total outsider by the way. Never owned a smartphone before - this would be my first, and I'm still holding off my decision until the 30th to see if it's worth the $300 or so I will have to pay. If you are unhappy with the wait, seems the logical thing to do is request a refund and fork up full price to Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RWerksman
    Just got my email back from Jeff. (poor guy.. he's probably being bombarded)

    2-3 Weeks...
    Do you mean the email said you would be getting a 650 in 2-3 weeks?
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    Ok, I am not throwing Venom, nor have I emailed Jeff. But I am a decision maker, with a boss who is waiting for his phone and our demo. Our demo person (P1, third party vendor) is not being very responsive, I have filled out the paperwork, meet the needs of thier requirements and he tells me he is going to call, and doesn't. Finally told me he could get our GSM phones for demo, not the 5 as promised but 2, but has heard nothing about the phones for purchase.

    It is wierd to me that they go through the expense of the Roadshows and not give us at least the dates or the vendors who paid to be there, the equipment to do demos or any information. The vendors must be flipping out.
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    I've had to re-work my mathmatical equation in this phone upgrade to the following due to Palm 1's inability to ship to Vienna Channels (I did attend the Long Beach road show and ordered my Sprint 650 that day- order # is in the low 200s)

    Old Equation
    $349 (price from Vienna Channels)
    -$325 (estimated price I'd get selling my 600 on Ebay)
    $24 cost to me for upgrade to 650

    New Equation
    $599 (price buying 650 from Sprint)
    -$150 (rebate I will receive from Sprint for resigning contract)
    $449 (Net price from Sprint)
    -$325 (estimated price I'll get selling my 600 on Ebay)
    $124 (adjusted net from Sprint)
    +$349 (amount for 650 from Vienna Channels for 2nd 650)
    -$575 (amount I will get selling unused 650 on Ebay)
    $102 PROFIT I will make by upgrading to 650

    Sure..I have to be the bank for a while, but what the heck! I would never have had to do this if The TreoRoadshows yielded a new phone quicker, now I'm forced to realize that I have to capitalize on their discount to justify shelling out so much money for the upgrade.
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