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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    Guys, this code does not enable WiFi.

    But...what it does do is solve all of the memory problems. Woohoo! I am now not only able to successfully load all of my 3000 contact entries, but also 3000 images to go along with them so that I can remember who the heck these 3000 people are.


    wow.. even without actually owning a 650. Now that is truly amazing!
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    Does not solve WiFi for me, but since I installed it, am getting 4 MegaPixel pictures now out of my Treo.
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    moderators help? I think the users acct should be disabled.

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    No, that PRC gave me 90 hours battery life :-P
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    It didn't provide wi-fi for me either, but Kirsten Dunst just called and asked me out on a date! I told her I was married, and she said, (get this) "All the better."

    Download that prc file quick!
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    please lock and dispose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    please lock and dispose.
    Oh, common. With all the small problems we are having with the T650, this is a moment of levity. I think it should stay - just change the title. Let the TC users vent a bit.
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    I don't have a wireless SD card to test...but after installing this patch, I now have 256 megabytes of free internal memory and me 1 GB SD card shows an incredible 4 GB free!!! The trick is to replace the smiley faces with their corresponding text. I think the smiley faces are automatically generated by the discussion board.
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    CLOSE THIS THREAD LOL. You guys are killing me.
    MOL unlock that code rofl...
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    btw...first post directly from my new Treo 650!
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    I installed the prc on my Treo 600 and immediately after, I heard a knock at my door and someone say:

    "Delivery from Vienna Channels...."

    Opened the door, and sure Treo 650 is here from VC! Must be a good luck PRC
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcsnpixels
    must cross some sort of line
    It sure does.

    The Chupacabra, please keep your posts clean and tasteful. That type of posting will NOT be tolerated around here.
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    Installed the .prc on my T600 and the Fedex person arrived with my PalmOne T650 order :-)
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    Rats! Missed it--what'd he/she post?

    Heck, I ran the code on my h6365 and it morphed into a GSM 650. Now I can at least use the darn thing without carrying around a manual, too.

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    Let's Celebrate This Guy or Brand & Bannish If He's Lying

    Quote Originally Posted by t650rules
    Per instructions found from google search...I was able to get my wi-fi/sd card to work!!!! Now I can roam the city and be connected! It does drain the battery a little more, but that's why I have two exta batteries. I'm posting at a Starbucks right now using their wi-fi.
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    This is a very funny thread...but despite the jokes about Wi-fi. I'm going to hold on to m y 600 until Palm decides to not only fix the 650 problems, but also come out with a truly comptetitive product to the cheaper (although not as functional) Blackberry's, and the more feature packed bricks from PPC.

    As a LONG time Palm user, I'm hoping that they pull their head out of the sand and come up with a killer product (650 is close, would like more memory, thinner and lighter footprint, etc.) that can compete financially in the market. The time of corporations deep pockets is long gone and Palm should focus on the consumer market with the Treo. Any 'consumer' that I show the 600 and it's capapbilities is enamored with it, but quickly becomes discouraged with the price.
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    In the next evolution of Treo I would like to see:

    1. More memory
    2. Thinner, lighter design
    3. Internal antenna
    4. 1-2 megapixel camera (although the 650 posts have been impressive for VGA) Flash is unimportant to me
    5. Ability to do wi-fi would be ok, but I'm hoping that cellular networks will outpace wi-fi since I would like high speed access from everywhere...not just 'hot spots'
    6. better compatibility with older programs. I don't enjoy shelling out extra $$$ to 'upgrade' programs that already work on my 600

    What would you like to see?
    "...There is no try..." - Yoda
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