View Poll Results: How many 650 users are sending their units back for memory issues?

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  • Yes

    13 29.55%
  • No

    15 34.09%
  • Maybe - I'll wait for a fix!

    6 13.64%
  • The current memory is fine

    10 22.73%
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    Just curious If you are upset enough at the lack of memory to do so.

    This might also be a wake up call to P1 if they start receiving many of these back. Betcha they fix the problem a lot faster

    I do agree that it's quite crazy to have more memory on the 600 than the 650. Doesn't make much sense to me. I didn't order one and decided to wait to hear from other posters. I have tons of contacts and apps on my 600 and can't afford any loss in memory.

    I realize there is another poll going on about how real the memory issue is, but I'd like to know how many are actually considering sending their 650's back because of it.
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    Well, so far we're at 100% returns.

    Of course, the will change real quick if 1 person votes differently.
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    read the experimental data in this thread:

    i posted pics and everything. Did it twice, but the second run gives you a better idea.
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    Read it but most doesn't apply to users who already have the devices and plan on sending them back. Just some who ordered and might cancel their orders because of the memory prob.
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