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    I was at Best Buy this morning to pick up a SD card and pulled the phone out of my purse and dropped it! It just slipped out of my hand. The card popped out of it as if it was on cue when it hit the floor, lol.

    So far phone is okay.
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    You already dropped the 650? Wow, Im still waiting for my 650 but I thought I was going to be the first one drop it or break it.
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    I dropped mine too, on asphalt =( While waiting for one of the new Vaja cases, I've just got one of the belt clip buttons afixed to the back of it. Not thinking, I stuck it to the back of the battery cover, which in general seems pretty secure. However, if the phone is at the right angle, when I get out of my car it pulls it away from my body, and the battery cover dislodges. Phone drops and skitters across the concrete. Little ding on the upper right corner, but otherwise all is well. *phew!*
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    Good to know. I've already warned my little T650 that she'll prolly be dropped and kicked around a bit over her lifetime.

    I also called and double-checked my insurance status with Sprint before hitting the clubs last night. All is well

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