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    Treo 650 working great until I downloaded Sportscenter ringer from Sprint. At the end to the download the phone restarted on its own and would keep on looping between the Palmone screen and the Palm Powered screen on its own. I did a soft reset and no change. I did a system reset and deleted the ringer and restarted. Still no change and looping again. Hard reset makes phone work again, but after syncing with desktop (without Sportscenter ringer) looping again. Any suggestions? I don't know if there is another file to delete assciated with the ringers.
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    where at sprint did u find the SportCenter ringer... i didn't see it...

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    I purchased it online from web site for my phone.
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    Unfortunatly if you removed ringer from your backups folder, synced and still having issues then you will need perform another hotsync and rename the hotsync folder. Create a new name and start over. This will solve issue but put u back to the beginning

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