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    (apologies - just found the appropriate thread HERE: - Moderators feel free to nuke this post...)

    I saw on that Web Pro 3.0.1 is on the "red list" for the 650.

    I use Web Pro to get my Outlook Web Access email because Blazer on the 600 doesn't handle the frames very well. I know, i know, there are other options - but I have a coporate mail account with firewall issues, no Goodlink, I don't want to use BC, etc.

    Anyone with a 650 know if the new Blazer handles OWA well? OWA 2003, if that matters. If not - any T650 options for viewing OWA?


    p.s. this will be the first thing I try out when my Viennachannels T650 shows up. I have NO idea when that'll be, of course...

    p.p.s. I did a search and didn't find the answer already - if I missed it - mea culpa! Point me in the right direction and i'll take it from there...
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