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    So far, my overall experience with the Treo 650 has been negative, which has less to do with its features than a couple of truly irritating bugs that I'm wondering if other 650 users are witnessing.

    The new keyboard is very sensitive, and ergonomically, a vast improvement over the 600. But the driver software on my unit is dysfuctional. When I press the "m" key, for instance, I usually get an "n" instead. When I press the "h" key I often get a "t". The m/n bug is the worst: the n will auto-repeat, and I'll have to keep backspacing to get the cursor back to where I need it. This issue makes it virtually impossible to take advantage of most of the features I need. It might take 3 minutes to type a single URL because of correcting all the fluffed keys. It took me almost 10 minutes to enter my password into VersaMail!

    Another problem, slightly less debilitating, is with scrolling through icons and drop-down lists with the nav button. Often it will keep skipping back to a particular item, so that I can't select the item I want.

    Just for the record, I made a zero-base migration from 600, transfering only my address book, to-do list and calendar; no apps.

    Judging from the fact that no one else on these boards seems to have complained about these problems, I assume the problem is with my unit in general than the ROM image in particular. Any comments?
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    Gameboy .. Sounds like you have a bad unit or very large fingers, Ive had no problems with the MN keys and just went in and did a bunch of test and nada here.

    I also havent had a problem with the scroll moving around..

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    Looks like I'm going to have to replace the unit. It's not a problem of hitting neighboring n key; the Treo prints an n with I'm only hitting the m key.

    Unfortunately I've been so busy in since Thursday, I've only had about 6 hours to use with 650 -- and that includes installation and configuration time. Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to see how the keyboard and nav key work after a hard reset, and if they work properly, I'll look for any keyboard drivers from the 600 that might have transferred to the 650 without my knowing it.
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    and the replacement process begins ONCE AGAIN for the treo 650 as well.....

    on top of memory issues, bt issues, and crashes.

    high time for a rom update. high time.
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    I'm going to hard reset it and see how it performs in its virgin state before forming any conclusions. I don't remember having the key problem before doing the first desktop synch. I blocked the Backup and Treo Pictures folders from transferring, but I'm not convinced that I limited the transfer to just PIM files. The Palm Desktop really needs something like MS Office's "Custom Install" option to better manage the upgrade process.

    Since HotSynching, I haven't had any crashes, but plenty of lockups. I don't have a BT headset and haven't tried pairing it to the Powerbook yet, so I can't report any issues with BT.
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    It looks like it's the hardware, not the software. I did another hard reset and had the same problems, but this time I noticed that when I have a "lockup," the Treo doesn't respond to the keys, but it does respond to the stylus (which I normally don't use). At this point I'm assuming that there's a misaligned or unset membrane underneath the keyboard.

    So much for not forming any conclusions . . .

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