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    Here is the latest reply I recieved from the Dir of Dev at Palm1 :

    > Yes, we are looking into this carefully right now, thanks!

    > Subject: Re: Some people-based gentle suggestions on dealing with memory
    > problem on Treo 650
    > Thank you. I appreciate your prompt reply Peter.
    > We all want to support Palm 1 in anyway we can.
    > Are some decision-makers looking into a solution?
    > What remedy can treo 650 owners expect, what will it entail,
    > and when can they count on it?
    > Respectfully,


    Here is what I feel:

    while I appreciate the reply, it is the stock political
    > commitment.
    While your loyal customers will give Palm the mature professional time to fix this...I don't think it matters who is right on a technical basis. The
    > perceived value of the customer is what matters. A good or bad buzz can make or break a product, especially when some high visibility reviewers get a hold of it a put on their spin. If palm is not pre-emptive in fixing this, and the customers feel listened to, then others will hold off, think twice, delay, feel vaguely unsafe, and change their mind about purchase they were about to make with gusto. Many will look elsewhere.(Treo/PDA2K) this is an emotional sale. Palm is not selling a phone. They are selling little kid gadget excitement with a business excuse- and a dash of safety and trust. And when that is damaged. People may not remember it, but they will always feel it.

    Just look at these threads...its not about the facts, its about the feelings
    behind the facts - personal interpretation of perceived value.

    The marketing people can point to their sweet spot, and the tech people can point to their nonvolatile flash memory - and they will get to be right...but unless they do the right thing and quickly ...the people wont care.

    The perceived value of the customer is the bottom line.

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    Here it is, sent to me from PalmOne, purportedly after consulting with their senior engineers:

    "To answer your question on the Treo 600 vs 650 memory the 600 has one mb more available of usable memory (24). Total memory is 32 for both devices."

    Hmmm, what about the other 8-10 MB I had on the Treo600 that aren't showing up on the Treo650 when I load the same exact applications from a direct image of the Treo600 onto the Treo650? I'm no math genius but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $loss$ $of$ $1MB$ $memory$ $should$ $not$ $diminish$ $my$ $memory$ $by$ $8$-$10MB$.

    Anyone on these threads a college boy/girl that understands and can explain this type of mathematics that PalmOne is using? Is this "Reaganomics" transferred to the world of computing?
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    Do a search. That is, if you honestly don't know where the rest of the memory "went." It's been discussed over and over and over in the last couple of days.
    Bob Meyer
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