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    My phone was activated last night but when I tried to make a call this morning, it says "your account could not be validated." Called Sprint and they said it was a known issue; the phone is set up properly but that the network hasn't done its job yet.

    It's been 9 hours.

    I transfered service from my old phone and have kept it off the whole time. Anyone else having this kind of delay? Any way to expedite?

    Also, is this validation the same as the old provisioning process?
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    That shouldn't be taking 9 hours. I did an ESN swap as well. I took about a 1/2 hour for the phone part to be active.

    You can try to force the vision provisioning yourself a few minutes after the voice part becomes active.

    Run the web application, the phone will say something like "your phone needs to be provisioned", click "yes" and there you go!
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    Forcing Vision won't work if the basic voice part isn't up yet. I just got off the line with tier-two tech support. He basically said to be patient (even though he acknowledged that going on 11 hours now was extreme). He said there are currently 19,000 provisioning requests and they can only process them at 3,000 an hour.

    The math still doesn't work for my 11 hours, but whatever, I guess I have to wait.
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    I actually work for Sprint Tech support and our servers are backlogged. I too am waiting, been over 12 hours now since my esn swap. Next time you call back in you may need/want to have a trouble ticket created to force things through.
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    I activated mine last night and it only took about 3 hrs for it to kick in. Everything is working great wherein I've also posted some screenshots on treobits.
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    Working fine here too. Given that it's the weekend and tha other new phones have come out (the blackberry, the PPC6601, and the Sanyo 7400 to name a couple) I have a feeling that a lot of people are activating new service or swapping out old phones this weekend, backing things up. Activations get rather slow as the holiday season approaches... lots of new signups.
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    It was about 3 hours last night, the longest I've ever waited, but it finally worked....

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