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    Here is my "sob" story...ordered treo 650- same day- my laptop crashes- it will be in the shop 'till Monday... but good news...UPS tracking # says out for delivery today- but does UPS deliver on Saturdays? Plus, on the site, it says delivery date Nov 22....any help????
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    No, unless the sender chooses the Saturday delivery option it will be delivered on Monday.
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    I don't think UPS will deliver on Saturday. Plus if the site says 11/22, that would be Monday. Bummer.
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    There are two ways to arrange for Saturday Delivery, depending on the shipping method you use.

    Select this service through a UPS OnLine Solutions shipping system
    Attach a Saturday Delivery routing label to your letter or package
    In addition to the shipping costs, the following will apply:

    US$12.50 per letter or package will be billed to the payer
    Free of charge for UPS Hundredweight shipments
    Free of charge to those countries where Saturday is considered a business day
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    If you don't live too far from the local UPS shipping center, you can see about going down there to pick it up. I've done this a number of times as my UPS shipping center is only a 5 minute drive from me. Call 1-800-PICK-UPS and speak with a rep. They will ask for your tracking number. Ask them to pull a package from the truck and hold it for you to pick up at the shipping center. Of course, it may be too late in the day now for them to do it, but asking doesn't hurt.

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