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    I am interested in getting a Treo 600. I really want the 650, but my carrier is Verizon Wireless and I can't wait for them to get it. I have a few questions about the Treo 600 that hopefully someone could answer:

    -can I get a media player that will allow me to listen to music streams such as from DI.FM, and can it play MP3's
    -how is the web browser? is it quick?
    -can I use AIM?
    -can I use Yahoo and AOL e-mail? and if so does it come with an e-mail client?
    -how is the reception?
    -also I would like to listen to MP3 ringtones, is this possible?

    I appreciate the responses
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    I just bought a Treo 600 on ebay, GSM unlocked.

    Media player - yes, I believe so. PocketTunes will let you listen to MP3s.

    Web broser is pretty quick. i can tell you that it is much faster than using a browser on a Palm T3 over a bluetooth link to a cell phone.

    AIM - there are number of clients IIRC.

    Reception on my treo seem to be as good as my SE Z600, which is one of the best phones I have had. The GSM version, has all 4 bands, so that can't help but make it better.

    MP3 ringtones can be added. There is a way to do this and apparently you need an extra program on this - but I don't really know.

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    mediaPlayer - Register your Treo at PalmOne and get the basic PocketTunes for free.
    Plays Mp3. Seach this site for ShoutCast and other streaming info.

    MP3 ringtones require additional software ($5-30) Check the downloads section here and elsewhere. Also check out the FAQ.
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    Listening to music will also require purchase of at least a headphone adapter ($5-$12) since it uses a smaller plug.

    Overall, figure on about $75+ extra dollars for a case, SD card, headphone adapter and software. Consider purchasing insurance for about a year (@$5/mo) to protect your baby too. Finally, take it from someone once burned, ALWAYS have a way to back up your data whether it's to the SD card or to your PC!

    I do love my 600 however and can't wait for the 650 (TMo) also. Have fun!
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