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    I can see from other posts that this phone is fantastic. I have had Nextell and have Tmo (Both of which are worthless to me). If I can't get a good signal from my home/office, I might as well use my laptop. I have friends and family that have major problems with Sprint's service. I guess my question is like this; I ordered my 650 from Treocentral and set up a Sprint account, What if it is not good? What if Sprint's service is the same for me as it is for others that I know? I want to enjoy this phone and not have to run outside (some times in the rain) and try to catch a signal as I am now doing with Tmo.

    Be nice, I am new at this,
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    See this thread: or visit the Sprint Forum.
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    You have 14 days to return it. Test it everywhere you can and then make a decision based on good/bad signal strength.

    If you return it, you can wait a few months and try out one of the 650 GSM carriers.
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    Fandango is correct. Sprint has the 14 day policy on their website, and the local RadioShack has a copy as well.


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