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    I wanted to post some successed here in addition to problems I successfully paired my bluetooth laptop (IBM T41p) with the phone and hotsynched. Now all i need is DUN !!! headset next jabra 250 on order - I hope my ear is big enough to carry its bulkiness
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    Yup. I've got a IBM Thinkpad T40p. Pairing, synching, transferring files all without a hitch. Definitely looking forward to DUN over BT. I've also used by SE HBH-600 bluetooth headset without a hitch...even working better than with my SE T608.
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    by pairing the treo650 to your PC are you able to browse and email FROM the Treo by sharing the network connection of the PC?
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    Does your PC have bluetooth built-in or are you using an adapter? I have a Thinkpad T41 w/o bluetooth. Any suggestions on an adapter?
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    I have built in bluetooth. All I am doing in synching - another post here talks about getting DUN to work with PDANet (new version). I think if you ran additional software on your 650 you could probably take advantage of the connection to do other things, but I am stopping here.

    I have my email synched via the Sprint Business Connection software, so I am not trying to get at it via bluetooth, though i assume if you were synching email via hotsync you would be getting that at the same time, not browsing it, but downloading it.
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    Have you guys noticed that the bluetooth is much slower syncing with hotsync vs the usb cable. I turned off backup when syncing so it would be much faster.

    Hey MattTar, what do you have configured to make your treo use the bluetooth to surf the web high speed ( Internet from computer to pda)?
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    I've got a T40 and can't get the bluetooth hotsync to work. I read something about adding a virtual serial port? Can somebody provide detailed instructions about how they got this working?
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    actually I WANT to surf the web via Bluetooth...
    when I am at home I am within 10m of a bluetooth enable machine... if it is possible to share network over BT then we'd sit and surf at 700k instead of 100k
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    ditto on the virtual serial... Toshiba's docs are worthless on this...

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