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    I am trying to setup my sprintpcs mail account in versamail. I enter my user name and password but I get an authorization error when I press get mail. Sprint tech support doesn't know what is causing it. I'm assuming it's a bad username or password. How can I get my email password? I can view my email on sprints web site. Does that mean that my password for mail is the same as for logging into the account on the web site. I have a shared plan and it seems that there would be a different password for each persons email?
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    I have the same problem, sometimes it works but most times not. I called Sprint and spent a good 45 minutes on the phone trying to resolve this issue, changing password, etc. etc. Sprint finally got it working then next time I went to fetch the mail, error again.

    I am not ready to spend anymore time on the phone with Sprint. Maybe later.
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    You should have 2 passwords: one for logging into and 1 for logging into your email account. Use the password for logging into the email account. Sorry if this isn't any help; it's the only quick fix that I see that may be the issue.
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    The Sprint email does not work at all now!!
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    My sprintpcs email works everytime. My password is the same as the overall account password.
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    same here I forgot that I had set up a different password for my mail. that makes it 3 passwords I have to remember now.
    Acct password
    Mail password
    Vision Pic Password
    "maybe I should get around to having them all in sync?" lol
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    I had the same problem tonight. I call Sprint, and we tried many different configs and passwords that wouldn't work. Finally, we set my account, mail, and vision passwords all the same to avoid confusion. Somehow this worked. You may want to give it a try.
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    Oh, one last thing. We had to set my Sprint username on the outgoing server to simply be the username w/o
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    I figured out. First time users have to go into the Sprint web site and set a password for the email account. Go into tools/PCSmail when you login and you can set your password and other things for Sprint. Works like a charm for me.
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    I have finally figured out how to get Versamail to send messages from the Treo 650. This is really a summary of others' posts.

    First, you must carefully distinguish between THREE SprintPCS passwords:
    #1. The password that you use to access your SprintPCS account on their website
    #2. The password that you use to log into PCS Vision on your Treo (to use your Blazer Web browser, for example)
    #3. The password that you use to log into Sprints email servers, including their outgoing (SMTP) server.
    You may have never set up passwords for these things, or you may have forgotten them. Here's how to check:

    A. Using your computer's web browser, go to
    You will see a place to input your phone number and password #1 to sign onto "My PCS". If you successfully log on, then you know and have recalled password #1.
    B. Now that you are logged into My PCS, you will see on the bottom right of your computer screen an area called "My Online Tools." Within that area there is an option to click on "PCS mail." So click on the PCS mail option! You will be asked to enter password #2--your PCS Vision password. Enter it. If it accepts your passord then you know and have recalled password #2.
    C. Now that you are logged into PCS mail, you will see an option on the left to click on "Settings and Preferences." So click on that option. Then a horizontal menu will appear with the menu option in red letters. One of the options is "Setup." So click on Setup. You are then given an option to change your email password; this is password #3! At this point, I could not remeber my email password (and I might not even have created one in the first place), so I changed the password. Now you have password #3!

    Password #3--your email password--is the key to getting the Treo 650 to send email using Versamail and Sprint's outgoing SMTP server. YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR SPRINT PCS VISION PASSWORD (unless you have intentionally created them to be the same).

    So, now on to Versamail. How to set it up for outgoing email. I will assume that you have already set up an account that is receiving email ok but cannot send email.
    1. Launch Versamail on your Treo 650. (By default, this is done by pushing the email button.) Click on the menu button on your Treo 650 and you will get a horizontal menu in Versamail. Select the "Accounts" option on that menu; a drop-down list will appear. Select "Account Setup" from the drop down list. Highlight the account that you want to send outgoing mail with, then select "Edit"
    2. Skip the incoming server stuff by clicking on the "Next" option two times. You should now be looking at a window that has an option to input the name of an "Outgoing Mail Server." To use Sprint's outgoing server, input this name:
    3. Click the "Next" option. A new window appears
    4. Click the "Advanced" option. Then click on "Next".

    You have arrived at the most important window: OUTGOING SERVER SETTINGS.
    5. These are the settings that worked for me:
    a. DO NOT put a check mark in the "Use Secure Connection (SSL)" box
    b. DO put a check mark in the "Use authentication (ESMTP)" box
    6. Enter your username. This is the first part of your sprintpcs email address, WITHOUT THE "" part. For example, if my email address is, then my username is jimnasium
    7. Enter your EMAIL password. This is password #3 mentioned earlier. It is NOT your PCS Vision password. (This is the part that had me stuck for so long!)
    8. Click "Done."

    You are done! Your Treo 650 should now be able to send email using Sprint's SMTP server.

    My thanks to other posts, from which I was able to piece this together
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    Isn't this a pain. For us old-timers (Treo 300--Aug. 2002) we've had to deal with this from the beginning. You'd think Sprint would have simplified it after all this time -- they've only made it worse.

    But the good news: when it works, it works great.
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    Thanks so much tanstaafl for collating all that info! I wasted much time on the phone with sprint vision tech's who couldn't provide the answers you did. Everything you suggested worked! Now if only the gmail servers would come back up.... arrghh, I got that all set up and working nicely only for the servers to disappear on me today... but, think I'll stay with Sprint now... I had been wavering as this is my first sprint phone and only get 1 bar (2 bars on occasion) at home... was toying with sending phone back and giving AT&T a try... such tough decisions in life.... lol...
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    that is exactly how I know have my Versamail set up on my Treo 650 and it works with 1 problem. Sending even a 2 sentence email takes up to 2 minutes! Why so slow? Is anyone else experiencing this? Any fixes?

    Thanks in advance
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    Thanks, taanstafl - your instructions apply not only to Versamail, but to SnapperMail that I brought over from my Treo 300. Sometimes it takes a good integrator to distill
    procedures downto their essence.
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    tanstaafl! Thank you so much for your post on setting up Versamail with SprintPCS mail. I was having the "authenication error" and was about to call sprint customer service to help me which I'm sure would of been a total waste of time. You saved me hours on the phone with those idiots. The problem with using such a new phone is that you cannot rely on sprint to help you. Its the power users on this forum that make me able to solve issues I have with the Treo 650.

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    I have sporadic authentication errors when I use Versamail with two POP3 accounts i have. Should I use any of the settings above when I set up my POP accounts, or should i just use what I use on my PC?


    Also, when I delete mail off the server on my Treo, it still comes back when i do a "get." What's the deal, does anyone know?
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    You just saved me hours of headache on the phone with Sprint tech support.

    You are the man! (or woman!)
    -->BtDUN pre- and post- SprintPCS update 1.12 paired to PC and PPC.
    Darth_Maul -- a dark attacker, trained in the Jedi arts.
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    You saved me soooo much time. Thanks to all the contributors.

    This is got to be one the best forums i've been on since back in the late 90's.
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    You rock 'tanstaafl'. After hours of work, I was on the verge of chalking one up to Sprint idiocy, and using a completely different solution. Thanks from another
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    I haven't been able to send but I can receive (from AT&T account w/in Versamail). Now trying transtaafl's recommednations. Set up the Password #3, but still getting "Unable to connect to Please verify your server name entry."

    Do you think there's a time delay from creating Password #3 and actually making the connection? Sprint often talks of a 4 hour wait before some of their passwords take hold. Thoughts? I'll try again later today and report back.
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