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    Good writeup gadgetpro. I'm mostly interested in the 320x320 screen and the improved (hopefully) thumbboard. I resisted upgrading to the Treo 600 from our Treo 300s but after the second 300 hinge broke we got a free 600 upgrade, and I've been enjoying that the last couple of weeks. My wife will be getting that and I'll be getting the 650.

    Please do report back on your signal strength. I can't get a reliable signal inside of my house for voice calls but sometimes get just enough for a data connection. Unless signal strength is much improved, I guess that won't make much of a difference (a little better or a little worse will still probably mean that I can't get a signal), but obviously I'm hoping that signal strength is at least as good. If it's worse, that could be a big problem for me in other places (local grocery stores, etc. where I need to call my wife).

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Yeah, nice write up. Did you happen to find the best video setting for mmplayer with the 320x320 screen? Do you know of any deals to buy mmplayer and pocketdvd studio together or anyother software like it that will work on the 650?
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    Gadgetpro, thanks for the analysis! Nice pic comparison and cute kids!
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    Yeah thanks for the picture's like night and day...I remember being worried about the camera not being a 1.3M pixel camera as expected but hearing about it being improved and really all we want are better pictures which is definitely what you have proven...who cares about pixels when you get the results anyways!

    PS: cute kids dude...
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    Quote Originally Posted by texascanuck
    PS: cute kids dude...
    one looks like: oh no, dad with another camara.
    the other like: wow, dad with another camara.

    guess which one will be the gadget freak.

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    Sorry I can't read all the replies before posting (at Starbucks with on my Treo) this but I must quickly say:

    - I've had zero problems with HotSync; it just worked.

    - You can't delete RealPlayer because it's in ROM.

    I've had one reset since I started using my 650 yesterday afternoon. I'm actually amazed at that given all the experimentation I've done. See my other thread about the apps I have running if you're interested.

    Hey, I just discovered that the length of video I can record seems to be only limited by my SD card size!! This may not be the case with slower cards, but I am able to record at length and it just keeps working!! I'm using a POI 1 gig card.
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    As for button app, yes, you can map the buttons to different apps (except for the hangup button)

    How'd you get the first button to map to anything other than "Phone"? On my 650, the #1 and #4 buttons are hard coded to the phone and power functions without any option to change. Basically I have the option of assigning #2 and #3 (wow- just like the $99 zire!).

    Thusfar, 1Button Pro (which I just purchased) appears to not be compatible with the 650, at least not yet. Soft resets the device upon using the power button. (yes, even when that button is "disabled") PDAnet, CardExport, and many other apps are dysfunctional on the 650. Perhaps that's the saving grace, as there's not enough memory for them anyhow...

    Nice review, very similar to my experience with the device. Though I can't vouch for the signal compared to the 600 as I am not willing to dump half of the data I squeezed onto the Treo600 just to have the improvements of the 650, so this puppy's not getting activated- it's going back to the Sprint/PalmOne doghouse for better training.

    Since my 4th replacement back in May my Treo 600 has been fairly stable, and it's my only phone. I was under the assumption that PalmOne delayed the release so they could better beta test the 650.

    Since they were reportedly shocked at the Roadshows and now from the emails and calls pouring in that adequate memory is a factor in customer satisfaction for these $650.99 devices it makes you wonder what clueless people they gave these devices to for testing....?

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    OK, here is a fuller response to the points I have something to add to.
    2. As I said earlier, I had zero problems with hotsync. I did remove all my apps and data from my profile except for the PIM applications and the sync went without incident.

    4. I have pretty much solved all my memory problems by using ZLauncher as you can see here.

    5. You can't delete RealPlayer because it's in ROM!

    17. I don't miss the top power button since I rarely used it. Don't forget that you can assign the side button to apps as well.

    18. Haven't tried voice dial yet.

    21. I'm new to Sprint, but reception in my home is worse than it was with T-Mobile and the 600, which is disappointing. I have 1 to zero bars at all times .
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    I tried voice dialing and it works quite nicely. Now if only they'd make it work with Bluetooth (yes, it's never enough for us users!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado
    (yes, it's never enough for us users!).
    LOL, yes it does appear that we are insatiable users.
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

    Phone history: Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo Centro, Pixi, Centro again, 800w, Treo 755p, Palm Pre
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    can someone talk about the "Vibrate Mode" on the 650. Is it better than the 600?
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