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    I just got my T650 and am lovin' it.(What a great screen!). Blows my Sony Ericsson 900 out of the water.

    A couple quick questions:
    [1] Can buttons be reassigned to apps loaded on the SD card? I downloaded Datebk 5.0 onto the card, but can't seem to get the calendar button to be reassigned to it.

    [2]Ideally, I would like my calendar (either Today or the Week) to show up as my homescreen/desktop/wallpaper when I turn on the phone. Can I do this?

    Thanks for your patience. I know these questions aren't as sophisticated as all those memory issue posts, but I have to start somewhere...

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    When in the phone screen press the menu button, go to Options, General Preferences, and place a check by Show Calendar event.

    I think this will be a very nice feature..........

    I experimented with this, and it seems to only show your next event, and only if it is happening before midnight the same day. I see a use for a third party app.
    Blue Skies,

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