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    Is there any site that lists how particular service providers do in particular areas? I know that my specific area is a dead zone for a lot of providers, and I want to see how Sprint(or other service providers) handle it. Anyone know any good sites?

    Obviously, I want to know because I really really want a 650
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    Well, really the most effective way is to try it yourself. That's what the 14 day trial is for. I don't know of any websites that actually evulate cell carriers, but I've found that cell service is very subjective: some poeple might claim service is great in an area while someone else might think it stinks. And believe it or not, on Sprint's and Verizon's networks, the age of a person's phone GREATLY determines their experience. Older phones are not optimized for the upgraded 1xRTT CDMA network, and while they still work, they're are a serious signal disadvantage and the owners of those phones are likely to tell you service sucks everywhere, when really their problem would be solved with an upgrade.

    There are three ways to go about checking service for yourself:

    1. Find a friend with a Sprint phone and invtie him or her to your place for dinner or something. See if they lose service.

    2. Buy the 650, have it shipped, and power the phone up, unactivated. If you have a good signal, then it's a good bet service will be good and you can activate it. If not, send it back. Just keep in mind: I've found that the 650 does really well even in areas where the signal strength indicator claims the signal is weak (only 1 or 2 bars). The best way to know for sure is to make a call on the phone... dial any number while it's still unactivated, and wait for the "your account cannot be validated" error message, and listen to it carefully. If it sounds good, you're in business. If it's extremely garbled or cutting out, service is bad in that area.

    3. The other option is to go to a RadioShack, Best Buy or a Sprint store, and buy the cheapest Sprint or Virgin Mobile phone they have in the store (DON'T let them activate it for you! Tell them it's a gift for someone, Or that you're an existing customer and know for a fact you aren't eiligble for a rebate, anything you have to do to get them to NOT activate that phone for you). Using that phone, do the same things to evaluate signal in your area as in #2, and then return the phone, unactivated. Then base your ordering of the Treo on your experience.
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    Don't always trust the signal meter with Sprint phones. By this I mean, in my area (metro NYC) if my Treo 600 had just one little bar of service, calls were crystal clear. In fact, I hardly ever saw 4 full bars.

    I used to have a Sanyo brand Sprint phone which almost always had 3-4 bars in the same place my Treo 600 had 1. My Fiance has a Samsung Sprint phone, its signal bars also seem to have a different scheme to them.

    My 18 hour old Treo 650 seems to have similar if not slightly better reception than the 650 (again meaning it shows 2 bars near the elevators of my apartment building where my 600 showed 1 but my fiance's phone shows none). So who knows.

    I'm personally very happy with Sprint coverage and I do travel a lot around the North East for work.

    mminor, where do you live? maybe some of us on TC live there too or have traveled there and we can help.
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    Thanks to this thread I was just about to activate my T650...but didn't. I think I'll take it home with me to north shore Long Island this weekend and make calls from there to see if I get the "your account cannot be validated" error message.

    In the interim, how good is vision "coverage"? I don't mean the actual data connection or quality of service. I mean in comparison to Verizon's data service, how does Vision coverage (on 1900MHz) stack up. Do people find themselves roaming quite often and therefore nto have access to Vision? Any insight would be gravy!
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    Mods: this thread should be moved to Sprint area.
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    Thanks, BTW i live in Planview NY
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    You would be fine in Plainview. Sprint is great all over the NY metro area.

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