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    I received my 650 today (switching from AT&T) and they said my number wont be switched over to sprint until tuesday morning (punching squids) . Has anyone else had this problem?
    Both companies said it was the other carriers fault?

    Um, this might not be the right thread.
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    Yeah, each carrier on each side of a port will always blame the other for a delay. By chance, are you porting from AT&T wireless?
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    My number ported from T-Mobile yesterday. I'd initiated the porting process with Sprint at around 10am, and finally got the phone working at around 8pm. In the interim, I had to visit Sprint store to get things setup with the phone.
    A weird thing is my old T-Mobile phone is still working. It can't receive a call, but still dials out with my number.
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    I ported my wife's number from Verizon to Sprint. Took about 8 hours to become live.
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    Can you port a number from landline to cell? Specifically Southwestern Bell to Sprint?
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    I just ported over my landline Southwestern Bell phone to one of my Sprintpcs phones about a month ago. The CSR said it would be active in a couple hours. Wrong! It actually took a full week to take effect.

    There are a couple of interesting things about the process for porting my landline. First, don't let the CSR reprogram your cellphone to your landline phone number because during the one week process, your old cell number and phone is still active and unchanged. (Actually, if your let her walk you through the process, she will give you the programing sequence and the unlock code for your phone. Be sure to write all the numbers and steps down as she give it to you since it's valuable information :-).) The change occurs when you can log on to your account and see your landline number in your account.

    Actually, my sprint phone is still programmed with my old cell number and not my landline number. Sprint must be porting the number over within their computers. When I reprogrammed my phone with my landline number, it didn't work so I had to go back to the old cell number. I guess at some point, the number will be changed permanently in the Sprint computers, and I will then have to reprogram in my landline number into my phone (of course, I know how to do it myself). I'll find out when my phone no longer works.

    You can use a device like a cellsocket or dock-n-talk (google either one) to enable you to use your cellphone on your home phone system just like a landline. This works perfectly for me.

    There is a FAQ at the site that describes some of the steps to porting over wireless and landline numbers.
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    yes, at&t. It's driving me crazy!
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    Yeah, unfortunately AT&T has been notorious for ports. While four of the "big five" cell carriers (Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, Cingular) agreed to use the same independent contractor to handle the number porting process as required by the FCC, AT&T wireless decided to go with a different company.

    The result is that AT&T wireless is and always has been #1 in the number of complaints recevied by the FCC regarding number portability.
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    I transferred 3 phone #s from AT&T a couple of weeks ago to Verizon. All up and running in less than an hour.
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    Is there anything I can do?

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