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    This thing rocks, of course I am making a big upgrade, from the i330. I have enclosed a picture comparing photos on both. The difference is big, and this photo doesn't tell the whole story. The Treo screen looks better then in this pic. The i330 doesn't even show white, it is almost yellow. The high res. screen is great, the fast processor blows away the i330, and now I can visit sites on the web that I couldn't before. The Bluetooth is ok, they need to make it so you can voice dial with it. Sounds like P1 is working on it.

    I just love how when I press a button, it responds. And unlike the people upgrading from the Treo 600, I have more programs then I had on my i330, and still have 18Mb free. I do have about 120Mb on my 1Gb memory card. (video & Mp3's)

    I'm having a little trouble getting used to button sequences, but this is only day one. I need to work on customization. The favorites page is very nice, It will take time to figure out what I will want there. First the Vision web buttons will go.

    Anyone else making this drastic upgrade with me?

    Blue Skies,
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