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    Ok, now that I am hearing all of the issues regarding memory, I wanted to not install any of my apps except for my personal info. The problem I have is I sold my 600 a couple of weeks ago and hotsynced it before I sent it away. How do I now make sure that I don't put any of my programs that i had installed on the 600 on to the 650? I want to only put what I use on the 650 until this memory issue if figured out. Thanks in advance.

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    You're going to want to go into the program directory where your Palm desktop resides (could be C:\Program Files\handspring or C:\Program Files\PalmOne), find a folder in there that has your user name, and then inside of that folder there will be a number of other folders with all of your apps. You'll want to focus on the "backup" folder. Prune out all the applications you don't want (or, move all of them to another directory and the slowly add them back once you've got the 650 in hand). You should also check the "Archive" and "Install" directories.

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