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    Have a Tmobile 600 can I use it if I switch to Cingular getting tired of T-mobile rude customer service and giving better rate plans to new customer vs a 6 year voicestream/t-mobile customer.
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    Yes you can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Yes you can.
    yes you can, if the phone is unlocked.
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    I am on Cinglular with a T600, slipped a friend's TMO SIM card in mine and it worked just fine. My phone is as long as your phone is unlocked it will work just fine, you just need a Cingular SIM.
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    i hope you're not going to Cingular simply for a better rate!? i'm with ATT/Cingular, had to switch when i bought the ATT 600, but my bill is twice what it was with T-Mo and i'm not getting unlimited data. And if you think ATT/Cingular service is any better you are sadly mistaken. Hopefully, Cingular has better cs and they have taken over the lousy ATT cs. Good luck!
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