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    FLYZIP XR. a superb application that zips up the applications which you won't be immediately be using so you may make use of the critical programs needed at that time.

    I use it on my treo 600 in conjunction with powerrun - very, very nice third party solution for the limited memory issue.

    backupman or backupbuddy also recommended with the use of these programs.

    granted, we'd rather have palmone solve the memory problem directly with a sort of patch or update, since we are paying generously for the product already, but until then, I would highly recommend these applications.

    I have epocrates, agendus, snappermail, pockettunes, contacts 5.0, etc on my treo 600 among many, many others, so these apps have been indispensable.

    hope these solutions help everyone with their memory problems.
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    Where can you get it?
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    you might also try

    one of p
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    You mentioned you are using FlyZip XR in conjunction with PowerRun. I am using PowerRUN currently but have no idea how FlyZip XR might help further save space.

    The way I see it, the only way FlyZip XR might be more useful than PowerRUN would be the fact that it has compression technology. But if you are zipping these apps to the SD, then size is (usually) not much of a factor.

    Which means that it's main use is zip those apps that you'd want to remain in RAM. Such apps usually, would be those that are conduit-dependant (eg. DocsToGo). So how does FlyZip XR help? Is it able to zip those apps that are in RAM and still allow them to sync with their conduit counterparts?
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    flyzip xr. you can find it at

    it compresses all of the applications that aren't immediately being used and makes room for the critical programs which you need currently.

    backup man or backupbuddy are also recommended applications to backup the system.

    I use epocrates, agendus, contacts pro 5.0, vindigo, lexi-drug, snappermail, xiino, etc.

    flyzip xr has proven to be an indispensable tool for me over the past year. they also have FANTASTIC support, everybody! seriously! they have ALWAYS been quick to respond to any issue you might have.

    (im curious as to why this thread disappeared. it was here in the treo 650 thread and the next day - gone. no notification of even being moved! very odd. anyway, here it is again for all to see.)

    I hope this application helps everyone with any kind of memory issues!
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    I also recommend powerrun. I use it frequently on my treo 600.

    I have handmark express as well, so these apps have really made it possible to have ALL your desired programs together on one device!

    highly recommended. give them a try. im curious as to whether these programs make a difference to the problems encountered lately.

    until p1 provides a rom update, these should provide some badly needed relief.
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    Many are posting that flyzip crashes quite a bit on the 650.

    also, what is the performance hit? the 600 is slow enough as it is.
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    it crashes the 650? hmm... that's not good. it seems that the 650 is having a bit of trouble with third party applications.

    I hope a rom update will stablize things for everybody.

    performance hit? you mean the delay you experience while waiting for each app to zip and unzip?

    well there is a slight delay with each zip if that's what your referring to. however I don't mind, it enables me to carry every important app along with me rather than having to limit my resources on the treo.

    that's surprising that there are crashes. does this problem have to do with the flash memory situation on the treo 650?
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    I am using ZLauncher for dynamic copying of apps and their data to/from the SD card as needed and it is working remarkably well. See this thread for more info.
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    Does anyone have a list of programs that do not work well from an SD Card?

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