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    Thanks for the tip, but I still get an error message - "This page cannot be displayed" - with "/OMA" (or "/oma") in place of "/exchange". If OMA is a default that needed to be turned off, my Exchange admins probably turned it off. I suspect that Blackberries (which are supported, and limited to managers) make them nervous, and they really, really don't want non-management types accessing office E-mail from their cell phones.
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    Here's a good article on what an exchange admin needs to do in order turn on OMA.

    of course, you must first bribe your exchange admin (if you arent one yourself)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorv
    With Aileron, is there any server side software that needs to be installed to have OWA functionality?
    Pardon the delayed response. You do not have to install any server side software. Just get the Aileron mail personal access and OWA.

    Feel free to reach us for live and interactive chat support on our website incase you face any problems in getting it to work.
    Tim K
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