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    how is it? does it work well? speak!
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    I didn't like it at all. Not quite ready for prime time. I used it with the Palm-enclosed headset as well as with out. I spoke clearly and enunciated properly. Just way too many errors. I played with the settings as well and didn't fair that well either.
    As we already know, no BT support yet.

    posted with my Treo650
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    Seems to work pretty good a recognizing my contacts, but it's slow in dialing, and you get tired of it asking you "Did you say...." every time even when it's right.
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    it was ok, but it has to speak to you through the speaker just like the Voice Dialer by Grover Ind. I hate that. I think it should be able to come through my headset. If you have the ringer switched off you cant hear it all. I have that voice signal software on a sanyo phone and its awesome, so it must have something to do with the treo hardware. I wasn't impressed.
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    It worked fine for me.
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    Worked quite well for me. At first I was speaking sort of slowly and trying to be extra clear, and the app had all kinds of errors. Then I started speaking in a normal if not speedy pace, suddenly the recognition went up to almost 100%. The recognition is impressive to say the least for such a small footprint and wimpy processor. Still, I find it to be kind of slow and clunky to use, in that 99% of my calls go to my favorites, and it seems much quicker use a favorite key or button to get to those people. Now if I'm driving and need to get to a number in my address book I rarely use, I think it would be real handy. Additionally, it would be handy for dialing numbers (by number) not in my address book (like if I see a number on a van while driving down the road, etc..). I will be purchasing it for those reasons alone. I just wish it could Bluetooth dial, but I hear they are working on this.
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    i had voice signal in my samsung a600 and it worked just like this except it actually came thru my headset and it was free.. if this was free i wouldnt complain. the fact that they are charging for the EXACT same software that was around 3 years ago pisses me right off. i have tried it now and its exaclty the same.

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