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    I am planning to purchase one but battery endurance is my top requirement.
    Pls share your experience about this... thx
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    i have talked on my phone for 2-1/2 hours straight and still had 40% battery left.

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    I have had my treo 600 for about a year, and the battery is not an issue. I charge it every night, and it's usually at about 20% at that point. You can always get a second charger for car/auto if you're concerned.

    I listen to mp3's, calendar and contact lookups, and talk for about 30-60 minutes a day.

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    I use it fairly hard and never have had to worry about battery.
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    I never used to have battery problems, but lately I'm lucky if I can get halfway through the day without the low battery warning coming on.

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    I have mine for only a week and use it as an MP3 player. I carry the external batter just in case and never had gotten close to using it (had another Treo for about 3 weeks prior.)
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    I use mine mainly for Chatter, and it lasts about 6hrs.
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    True enough the battery is still pretty good, after a year, but realistically speaking it is a battery, and like all batteries, after time it wears down. My Treo 600 is still good for a normal days use. but it doesn't nearly carry a charge like it used to.

    I have my Treo 600 and Treo 650 with all of the exact same apps installed. I turned them both on at 7:30am exactly. I made no calls. I have both set to fetch e-mail at 2 hour intervals, from the same accounts. By noon today, my 650 was still at 99% while my 600 was at 92%. Take it for what its worth, but I used to be able to get those numbers from my 600. That's why I love the fact that Palm put a removeable battery on the 650.

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