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    Quote Originally Posted by Chargedvenom
    I got my 650, no regrets considering it was free. I've only had 2 problems so far and it's not the fault of the phone. 1. Jabra BT250 didn't work, as soon as you got more than a foot away it started to break up. 2. Yahoo messenger for palm os didn't work. The phone crashed several times while trying to use it. Overall I am very impressed with it. The screen resolution is fantastic. All the upgrades they did make it a very nice phone/pda.
    Free?!?! How'd you manage that one?
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    no regrets here. Love it.
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    I got a lemon, so Sprint's shipping a replacement unit this week. When I typed certain keys, other letters would show up. A couple of keys appeared to be stuck, as there was no travel when I pressed down on them. Originally I attributed some of the "lockups" I saw to software issues until I noticed that the screen still responds to the stylus. I've concluded that the membrane underneath the keyboard is loose or misaligned.

    Aside from that, I did like enough of what I saw to give the 650 another shot.
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    No regrets. I am so lucky to have this machine. We are all lucky!
    "Could I have been anyone other than me"
    -Dave Matthews Band"
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    thanks guys - all this negativity was starting to make me question the 650... we still have a while to wait for the GSM handset in the UK, but i am planning to upgrade my 600 as soon as i can.

    bluetooth makes all the difference to me for my carkit - Parrot CK3100 - i can now change handsets at will without taking a cost in the car department too.

    wifi would've been the icing on the cake, but there's enough here to make this worthwhile for me & i'm delighted that they have changed the manufacturer too. i understand that some people may feel disappointed, but let's be pleased with what we do have rather than dissing a fundamentally great product for what it might've been - please?
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    So far I've seen only a couple of people mention how great the Treo sounds as a PHONE. Is it safe to assume that the rest of you happy Treo 650 owners are also satisfied with how you sound on the Treo650 and with how your callers sound to you? That thread that said the sound quality as a phone was poor had me rather alarmed. I was really looking forward to getting the 650 and ditching my beloved but bricky Hitachi g1000.

    To me that would be the deal-breaker, if the 650 is a lousy phone. My husband had a 600 and always sounded kind of muffled and there was a sort of a metallic echo, as if he were calling from inside of an oil barrel. I don't know how he managed to conduct so much business on that phone. Now he has the new Blackbery 7100t and when I've borrowed it I could not tell I was on a cell phone and neither could the people I was calling. THAT is the kind of experience I want from the Treo 650 if I get it. I would get the 7100t if reading e-books and using e-wallet and having a cell phone camera weren't so important to me.

    I think I can live with the memory issues with my usage patterns, but it's got to be a good phone. Last time I emphasized the PDA functionality of a converged device and that proved to be a personal mistake. This time I'm going for the phone side of it.
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    I'm probably one of the people whom you saw give a good phone review, but I must emphasize; it's an EXCELLENT phone. And this is coming from someone who rejected the Treo 300 outright because the phone's sound quality and signal holding ability were just awful, even though I loved everything else about the phone.

    Sanyo used to hold the title for best phones on Sprint, but their quality has started to go downhill a little. The 650 is expensive if you plan on using it as just a phone, but well worth it IMO.

    The sound quality reminds me of the Qualcomm 2700's that Sprint used to carry when they first launched. Now THAT was a good phone... back in the day when digital cellular meant that people really couldn't tell that you were on a cell phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by scaredpoet
    Sanyo used to hold the title for best phones on Sprint, but their quality has started to go downhill a little. The 650 is expensive if you plan on using it as just a phone, but well worth it IMO.
    Thanks for the good word on the phone quality. I do also intend to use the PDA functions. But what happened with my G1000 is that it was a great PDA, but the form factor meant I was leaving it on the desk or in my purse (on the occasions I see fit to carry one) rather than wearing it, and therefore missing a lot of calls. I stopped to take stock of what PDA functions I REALLY use and it boiled down to just password storage via e-wallet, e-book reading, playing Bejeweled or Collape while stuck in lines or waiting rooms, sporadic MP3 playing, web browsing, and maintaining a very modest sized contact database (nothing that the 650 will choke on even with the poor memory issues). I also really wanted to have Blackberry-esque push e-mail (or as close to it as I can get) and instant messaging, but the G1000 and Sprint CDMA combo was incapable of providing anything remotely like that in straightforward convenient manner. The G1000 camera is pretty good IMO, and I am glad to see the Treo 650 pictures compare well. I am a moderate to heavy user of the camera.

    The only alternative I'm half considering is the HP Ipaq 6315 on T-Mobile. My husband has one that he uses when he's not using his Blackberry. It's nice. The WiFi feature is SWEET and when combined with Thunderhawk, web surfing is amazing. And my husband downloaded a utility that can even let him rip and watch an entire DVD movie on it and it looks great! But it's still too wide, has too much vulnerable screen area for me to to want to carry it around all the time, and frankly I'm tired of talking into a slab. So, I'm afraid if I go with the Ipaq I'd be back to owning an amazing device that sits out of reach more often than a phone should.

    I LOVE the Blackberry 7100 form factor and weight. I may see fit to get that if the 650 lets me down as a phone. Unfortunately I'd be making some serious tradeoffs on the PDA side of it. The 650 is still my best bet, memory warts and all. (600 is NOT an option because I hate that screen!)
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    Glad to hear its worth the upgrade. NowT
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