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    This sounds really stupid but my friend in AZ bought a Treo 600 at Frys Electronics and she's been having problems with the speakerphone and audio
    on/off. It's under Frys' Performance Gurantee Plan but every time she goes to her local store, she gets the run around. She's tried several different ear phones and the audio is still extremely low. On top of that, when she plays any games, she doesn't receive any sound/audio. Coupled with the fact that it's got a poor battery life is making her miserable. The techs at Frys keeps telling her that it's normal for a Treo 600!!

    Is there any way I can load some software or do something to this PDA so it messes up the palm OS for good without physically damaging the unit so it'll be replaces under the service contract??

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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