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    My much anticipated Treo 650 arrived. There goes the rest of my weekend.

    It came with a half tank of battery, I plugged it in while I let it get provisioned on the SprintPCS network. The screen is awhsoumee...

    In many respects it seems the same as my Treo 600 to my wife "what's different?" but even she thinks it feels a bit thinner than the 600.

    I have the original Handspring Treo 600 so the logo labeling is a bit different, the stylus is all metal except for a plastic tip, the ear protruberance is a bit different with a downward facing slot whole rather than an outward one.

    But the real change is the keyboard. They are bigger, and have a different tactile feel than the 600, the slight "smile" and their increased size make it much easier to type. The navigation and hard buttons are different as well. The most suprising thing is that the 5-way is smaller, as is the center button, which at the same time seems more pronounced that the old one. This makes it easier to push. All the hard buttons have back lighting, including the arrows on the 5-way. The "Home" and "Menu" keys at the top will take some getting used to, but are a welcome change. The keyboard backlighting is striking. Seeing it in the dark is almost spooky. The connector housing on the bottom is a bit more pronounced because of the new T5-style connector. Time for all new accessories.

    I have not installed any software on it, electing to do fresh installs of all my apps, something I did not do when migrating from the Treo 300 -> Treo 600. However, just navigating around feels "snappier".
    Bill Petro
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    Yep, the screen is awesome, but the biggest difference is the keyboard. Much easier to type on and typing goes much faster. I also like the redesigned 5 way due to the raised button in the middle allows for easier push downs then before. I'm still getting use to the hard keys though...
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    I agree. Love at first sight here too. The screen is just amazing and the setup was almost too good to be true. Sprint BC Personal Edition was easy. PC and Hotsync setup went without a hitch. I am a first time Treo owner, so I can not comment on the memory issues posted in other threads, since I do not have a 600 to compare to (although I am down to 12mb even though most apps have been installed on the SD card). This is easily the best device/gadget I have ever bought.
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    And let me add, you know there's already a bunch of guys being tightly sphinctered on this board, but I have say, by far this is the coolest device on the planet.

    Can everyone just let me enjoy the honeymoon for a while?
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    After handling a unit and doing some comparisons, I was really impressed with the 650 as well at the DC Road Show.

    Very much looking forward to getting my new unit!
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    Well, it's been 24 hours with my 650. So far I've logged 104 minutes of talk time, and 6871K of data through Vision. And I'm still happy with it.
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    Keyboard and Screen are awe inspiring. Camera's a real beaut, too.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.

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