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    Hey all..

    Got my 650 today... as a Treo noob.... is there a way to make it turn on Wireless mode (connect to sprint) every time the device turns on?
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    Having the same issue. Tried older legacy apps that worked on Treo 300 and 600. Niether one worked on T650 this time around which is expected. Any update let me know.

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    You need to turn on your radio manually, however once it's on and with the proper S/W you can make it do anything.
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    This might not fit your situation, but I've got verichat installed with always-on mode enabled using sms. I've set the "refresh conn. on reset" option, so every time my phone resets, verichat tries to connect when it finishes booting, there by turning on the wireless.
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    Treoguard 1.5.03 (which has a lot of other great features) seems to be working well on the T650 and includes an "auto on after reset" feature that has been working for me without any incident.

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