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    I just got my treo 650 and it wont work it keeps rebooting back and forth i cant get anywhere past the palmone start page . it just turns off then back on. has anyone had this prob. its totally useless it doesnt work period. i need help. reset doesnt help it either. just boots back and forth
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    Do a hard reset, make sure that the phone is fully charged, and if it still doesn't work, call Sprint.
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    what is a hard reset? if its the reset button on the battery i did that many times and no luck
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    RTFM. On the 600: while pressing the power button, push the reset button. Wait for the palm logo before releasing the power button and answer 'yes' to erase all data. But, on the 650, I don't think there is a power button so it could be the 'talk' button.
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    yes I also had a "looping reset". Review the FAQ in TreoCentral
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    Performing a hard reset will put your palm device back to its out of box state. You will need to do this and figure out what application you installed that caused the issue.
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    I am also encountering the same endless looping reset problem and my 650 is ignoring my attempts to perform a soft or hard reset. I also do not see any FAQ's relating to the 650 in TreoCentral
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    How do you do a hard resest on the 650?
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    Take a peek at the first item under Troubleshooting at the link you provided.
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    You might have some programs from your old palm or treo that are not compatable. Are you upgrading from another palm product?
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    Just like for the Treo 600, you can hold the up key and it will stop rebooting but this will not fix the problem. Only stop the rebooting madness. Like others are saying... it seems installed software is conflicting. So, I'm about to hard reset mine and start troubleshooting by "installing handheld files" one by one. SERIOUSLY LAME! And I paid $600 for all of this hassle.
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