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    They took this option out and replaced it with "Company, Lastname"... Would it have been so hard to have three options? When your used to having it sorted a certian way, its really annoying... Can anyone think of a work around?

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    Use a 3rd party contact manager.

    You might have to wait a bit for some of those guys to update their apps for the 650 tho.
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    Both BeyondContacts and KeySuite supposedly work with T650 and T5. Dataviz and Chpaura both say so on their sites
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    can people recommend some that they like? Will they come up automatically when ur looking for a number to dial?

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    I thought I remembered Joe at the roadshow typing in the first letter of a first name then a couple letters of the last name and it went right to the contact?
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    The 650, just like the 600, will search on first names. Type 'R' and it will show all contacts whose first OR last names start with that letter. continue typing 'obert' and it will list everyone with a first name of Robert, or a last name of Roberts.

    Not quite the same as Sorting by first name, but probably close enough.
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