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    Today I attempted to activate my Treo 650. They did the automatic over the air activation to switch over my service from an old phone. It's been over 2 hours but it is still not activated. After screwing around with customer service and then with tech support for about an hour, it is still not working. Finally the tech support person informs me that the provisioning may take up to 6 hours and that I simply need to wait! I have never seen it take so long. Is anyone else struggling to get their Treo 650 activated?

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    After I got my Treo 650, I called into do a ESN swap. It usually takes just minutes with other phones, but with the Treo 650, it took about 6 hours.
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    i had problems too. around 6 hours for me. but it workey now!!
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    New account here... Genius Sprint put $599 on my bill although I paid for the phone on my credit card. The result is that although I received my phone activated, there is a hold on service for being over my limit. I called and after 30 minutes they had credit put on my account for the amount. The kicker is that I have to wait up to 12 hours for the block to be removed from my line. As a new customer, I have to say you gotta love sprint!!

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