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    well, i got the phone. spent a few hours trying to get my contacts and dates moved over, which meant getting yahoo! intellisync to work with the new palm desktop...

    then i had some reset loop problems which i managed to solve thanks to tips on here. then i found the nifty buttons at the bottom of the phone screen, so i started msging with my daughter at college.

    messaging the way they have it set up is pretty awful, since it's back and forth on some sort of AIM web site. but i already got aol for palm installed so that's not a problem either.

    the weird thing happened when i was walking around the village after all this was done. apparently i still showed up as online in my daughter's buddy list, and she sent me a message, which came through with a 'beep' as i was looking at phone cases! on screen it said i had a message, and then had a web link for me to click. i did so, and was able to answer the message!

    a little cumbersome, but neat!
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    Try Verichat--much better!
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    I notice when I use yahoo messenger on 600 that it pretty much always shows me as online as long as the phone is on or vision has not disconnected. Never truly figured it out. Have you got any feedback on how yahoo messenger, yahoo email, and the browser are working?

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