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    ok.. I spent weeks lurking reading about what would be coming from the T650 and I had decided it wasnt worth the upgrade. Then I did the math.. If I could sell my T600 on ebay for $300 or more (wound up being $400) and could get Sprint to give me a $150 rebate, even though they gave me one last Novermber (which they have) I am only paying $50. If I upgrade via P1 I get a free BT headset so my reasoning is they are paying me $50 to upgrade.

    I couldnt wait the 4 days so I ordered from Sprint and I will most likely return this one and keep the P1 phone once it comes in (cant turn down free stuff).

    Now that its in my hands I must say that my expectations were low to begin with but this thing blows anything ive ever seen away. A buddy of mine just got a BBerry 7100t and the 650 makes it look like a toy. The colors and resolution are amazing and the camera is one of the better ones Ive used (as long as you have some light - the camcorder option is fun too).

    Gotta go back and play now...
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    You my friend are a pox on society.
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    huh? why?
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    LateNight, were you able to simply restore your T600 date & programs onto your 650? Or did you start over?

    Mine is due in today, and I don't know whether or not to just restore the 600 onto the 650 or begin fresh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNight
    huh? why?
    Because right now the phone is in short supply and you ordered two just so you could return one therefore taking it out of the supply and making it a refurb and making one less person happy just so you could have it 5 days sooner.
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    Well, I cancelled my P1 order since mine is coming from Sprint today - so there's one more for those that ordered from P1.
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    Primate... Is it my fault that P1 cant ship a device (that they produced) faster than Sprint? I think not
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    98GSR.. Why would you cancel the P1 order .. Don't want a free BT headset?
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    Tell you what Primate.. To alleviate any of my guilt I will offer the T650 (just the phone) I receive from P1 on Tuesday (I should have it Tues) here for whatever I wound up being charged by Sprint ($599 + whatever taxes they charge -- I'd give a number but it hasnt showsn up on my CC yet) and I will overnight ship to them at MY cost. and yes I will ship the new unopened phone and not the one I've been playing with.

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    ebay the extra 650. you might get more than what you paid for it.

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    Not looking to make $$ on the deal .. See I'm not a "pox on society" hehe
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    Soo many people are upset that I have drained the suppply of 650's that I havent gotten one single email about my offer to sell a 650 @ cost on Tuesday
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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNight
    Soo many people are upset that I have drained the suppply of 650's that I havent gotten one single email about my offer to sell a 650 @ cost on Tuesday
    I'm impressed. By the time the phone comes out for my carrier, the eBay price will be closer to $150. That sucks.

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