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    Ok so i have looked everywhere for this. Is there a piece of software that you can use to remap the power button to another button on the treo. Preferable the 5way nevagational button. The reason i want to do this is so i can use that voice dialer software without openening my treo from the rino-skin case that it is in.

    Thank you.
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    i agree. we're losing hard buttons!!!
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    there must be.
    If there isn't - there soon will be!
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    this would be a great idea for software... the best is if you could integrate it with the button you use with an ear-piece mic.. that would be the best..

    I hope someone writes this... Would make millions i tell you, millions....muuuhaaaa
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    Like I have mentioned in other threads.. this stuff with the dedicated phone buttons is killing me. It makes my Treo feel like an alien isntrument.
    I would inmediately buy an app that would inhibit the hang-up/power-off/random button so you could assign an app to it normally and you had to double tap it for it to actually hang up or power off, and additionally allow remapping of the side button for launching or powering on/off...
    Come on, I know you guys can do it! PLEASE!

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