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    Are they or are they not making a VPN client for PalmOS anymore?

    I just saw this link:

    It claims that they will have a VPN client for the Treo 650 (600 not listed). I thought they gave up.

    There's only two things that are holding me back from buying a 650: a IPSec VPN client and 802.11b/g support. If a solid VPN client existed, I don't need 802.11 so this is a big deal for me.

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    Yeah it was my understanding that Movian moved out of the end-user application market and declared EOL on movianVPN:,mvpn

    Sounds like PalmOne might have missed that announcement.
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    That is my understanding as well but I thought it was odd to see the 650 listed with no 600 (meaning it was rather new info). I wish PalmOne will understand that this is holding back many Enterprises from going to the Treo line and they can't afford to loose that market share.
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    I tried Mergic VPN (I reinstalled the 600 version onto my 650) and ultimately it works. I got a reboot, but afterwards it seems to be working - I'm downloading my mail to snappermail through a Mergic VPN on my 650 just like I did on my 600.

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