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    ok...this is now my second post...very curios i have whats called a treo 650..i like to call it "the 10 'til"...but anyway...i got a thing called tcpmp? anyone heard of was like my first download to it, it plays movies etc..not the best format or easy to can play dvd's on this puppy? I am so new to this...please help me.
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    The short answer is yes you can convert DVD's.
    I am Positive that if you do a search you will find more info than you can use or even need. This has been a highly discussed topic.
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    Kelsey, if you ask a specific question, you will get better answers. Are you asking how to play movies on your Treo? How to use TCPMP?
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    I've searched this thread but can't find this answer anywhere:

    For those of you who convert to the XVID codec, what bitrate are you using? It seems to me that 200 kb/s looks pretty good at 320x134 rez.

    Also, is anyone using VirtualDub? It's freeware, and runs circles around these pay-for-use apps some of you are using.
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