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    The PDA market isn't dead, but it is dying. IMO, if it isn't connected, it's not worth having.
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    Thanks for the responses....

    its just simply amazing to see that i am sure most of you now have read a thread that describes Palm's response and concern over the issue of memory with the 650....

    Palm's admits it's a problem and they are "working on a fix".

    it just unthinkable that they could actually release a product with such a shortcoming..... even now i'm remembring that i read somewhere that the 650 was under a long period of time for beta testing to make sure issues that accured on the 600 where not evident on the 650!!

    I'm beginning to wonder what's next!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayizaac
    I'm beginning to wonder what's next!!
    P1's implementation of Bluetooth interferes with the function of Viagra....
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    lol....that's a good one!!
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