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    I've had my Treo for 8 months & it's been giving me problems for the last 5 months. It started with soft resets when I was syncing. Then the hard resets started happening. I called tech support and we tried everything from removing my backup folder to creating a new user ID. Both options worked for awhile and then the resets started again. So they're sending me a new phone. I really hope I have a lemon & that Treos are good phones/PDA. Also, do you think this problem may stem from corrupt emails? Never had my email linked to my Palm till the Treo. How can I prevent viruses from corrupting my Treo?

    On another note, when I created a new user ID, I copied all my contact data to the new user ID. For whatever reason the categories I created went missing. A day later my contact data got corrupted and my address from letters S-Z went missing. What is going on?? I can't afford to lose anyone from my contact list. I'm tired of losing data & trying to fix my data
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    You reallllly need to backup to an SD card. A hotsync is not the same.
    I prefer BackUpMan, but there are others too...

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