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    Just received a glossy new catalog from PalmOne in the mail today. It takes them forever to get the 650 out, but they're sure to get their catalog sent out in time for the holidays...haha.

    I'm bringing it up here because the catalog has a huge beautiful pic of the 650 on it's cover. It's the largest pic I've seen of the device to date, making my mouth water, causing my wait for the UPS guy to come today even harder.
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    Rcvd my beautiful catalog yesterday, and lo and behold, had to place another order. The treo essentials kit (car charger, case and headset) is backordered and the battery should ship today. Now I have screensavers and the Jabra headset, and will have a battery, before the phone, case, and car charger gets here. By the way, customer service didnt recognize any of the part numbers referenced in the catalog, they had to find them from product name....

    Where is my precious.....
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    Got mine on Wednesday. It is a beautiful picture on the front!
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    Got mine a few days ago. Wish I had it when I ordered my 650, could have gotten $50 off! Now, I'll have to find something to buy, maybe get a 650 for my wife. Of course, she wouldn't appreciate it enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidwsica
    Got mine a few days ago. Wish I had it when I ordered my 650, could have gotten $50 off!
    Yep, me too. And me too.

    (Note that it is $50 off your next order, not this one.)

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    got one several days ago.

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