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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusbliss
    I believe rax will play on Treo with RealPlayer.
    pTunes or TCPMP I believe will play AAC's.
    I would presume that there is an AAC to MP3 converter app. out there somewhere.
    I'll have to go check my files and links...

    Greg - I sent the rax file via BT to 650. RealPlayer on 650 poped the message on not have the proper right to play.

    The PC RealPlayer needs to have 650 "connected" to "transfer" the music file. The issue I have is that I could not establish the "connection" (click on the Quick Connect of the PC BT icon does not work.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    Yes, I tried transferring .rax files to Treo via Realplayer, but the player pops up error message that the file type is unsupported on the remote player. I tried renaming .rax to .ram in an attempt at fooling the transfer, but the embedded (*&#@$#@(*&ing security on the .rax files don't get past the Realplayer transfer.

    Next step is to transfer directly using an SD card reader (or in my case my camera).

    More support to my qualms about Real being a SUCKY company with SUCKY software <haha>

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    Greg - rax file CAN be transferred in Real via cable connect. You need Real running on both.

    I was trying the BT before & couldn't Connect.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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