My Treo arrived yesterday, but my new office computer will not be here until Tuesday. (Old office computer has Win 98, so that's a no go.) Now, I have Win XP at home, on which I've been syncing my antique Palm Vx. But the ultimate destination for my 650 is the office.

QUESTION #1: Assuming I have the patient of a saint (which of course I do not), should I wait until next week to sync on the new office computer? My concern is being able to set up the Treo for the 2nd computer without too much difficulty, after already having done it initially on the home computer. Assume, now, that I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world. (This one's dead on.)

QUESTION #2: God forbid I need to return the Treo for poor Sprint coverage reasons, will I be able to (easily) go back to syncing only my Vx on my home computer while I wait endlessly for Verizon's 650?

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.