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    Just curious what everyone is doing with getting apps and data over from the 600 to the 650.

    Syncing and then installing new software and syncing to the 650?

    Installing some apps from scratch?

    Post your war stories here.
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    You are asking a question similar to what I want to know. Sure would like to hear from someone who has done it. Did you use the old Hotsync software with your 600, then install the new software and sync the 650?
    jamesalexander (at)
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    I plan on reinstalling apps one by one as I confirm that each app can work ok on the 650. Mine is provisioned and I have synchronized my contacts but have not installed any apps yet.

    BTW, I'm posting this from my 650 and I must say that typing is a lot easier/better for me! woohoo!
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    Same here, got my 650 today and working through each app. Best rename the backup directory in your old palm or handspring folder and install apps one by one. I've already found a few that are having some troubles. I will compile a full list later.

    The screen on this thing is gorgeous!!!! Having the 650 side by side with the 600 makes the 600 look like a childs plaything.

    -Gadgetpro, a happy 650 owner!
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    has anyone used backupbuddy for the transfer?
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    I worry about SplashID and the passwords I have stored there. If I change my directory to backup_old as is suggested here and install one by one, how can I make sure to get splashID and any database file it may have on my 650?
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    Getting ready to start the software transfer from T300 to T650. Based on what I'm hearing I'm going to back up/rename and transfer one by one. If your making same jump... please post.
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    I'm going from a Visor Prism. I'm thinking I should start with a new user name -- but I'm not sure if I want to take my apps with me (Word Smith is the primary one) or if they will even run?

    I was thinking that I think registration codes for software are tied to the user name. Does that mean if two people have a user name such as User or Admin they could (theoretically) share software?
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    Would one of the PALM experts in the forum do us all a service and explain -- step by step -- how to migrate from the 600 to the 650 using the desktop sync feature on the same computer?

    I've read about changing the the backup file name and all of that, but I'd be a lot more comfortable if someone would explain it in a little more detail.

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    I know that most people are playing with their toys, but I'm hoping that someone has an answer or experience that will help us out.
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    I transferred splashwallet fine- it works great from 600-650 I installed the PRC's and then synced from the backup vid's with my hotsync user name from the jump. I use splash ID version 3.12 splash money 3.02 and splash shopper 2.6a.
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    Go into your 'program files' 'handspring' '<your hotsync ID>'

    In your hotsync folder there will be a file labeled 'backup'

    copy the contents of this folder into a folder on your desktop named 'backup_old'

    delete the contents of 'backup'

    look in folder labeled 'archive'

    see if there's anything in there you want to place in 'backup_old'

    Now go ahead and insert the CD that came with the 650- it will walk you through the installation of the new palm desktop.

    When you sync the first time with new palm desk top- your address book, contacts, memopad,task list, will be synced seemlessly into the new 5.4. Email will be set up per your wishes (walk through- v. easy- versamail is quite nice and has multiple set up options).

    After this part is complete: Backup old check for compatiblity- first see if you have original PRCs for programs (or zips of them) astraware games have hi-res versions of the games so you'll want to install the hi-res now, not the lo-res- have your program codes for unlock ready!! if you used handango or other such site- log on and re-download if necessary- check for compatibility and install ONE AT A TIME.
    If you do not have original install- use from backup_old but be sure to get all pieces of the program into new BACKUP folder (This will install it) and do it ONE AT A TIME. note anything that is buggy and uninstall it.

    feel free to correct me. This is what I did and it's working great. The only thing I can't figure out is how to get zlauncher on (because it goes into the ROM I'm afraid to install it unless I know it works!!)
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    Here are the official (and pretty detailed!) instructions from the Palm One support page. Worked like a charm!

    Handheld Upgrade Guide for Treo 650

    Treo 650 on Sprint, as of 11/18/04!
    To transfer data from your current Palm device to the Treo 650, click here.
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    I got the phone! It's kind of overwelming for a newbie. I installed the cd and registered. Did a hotsync. Called and did an ESN swap. They said not to use the phone or web for 4 hours. I expected to see my outlook contacts, etc. in my phone but I don't. I guess I don't know how to hotsync or install stuff. Does anyone have some advice about how to get started. The first thing I'd like to do is see my contacts and notes from Outlook 2003. TIA
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    Forgive me - I've posted this question in other threads but there hasn't been answer yet.

    I will be receiving my 650 later this afternoon, and was wondering if there were any problems simply hotsynching it to my old 600 User ID, and letting the data and programs restore onto the new unit. Then I'd pop the SD card out of the 600 and into the 650 to complete the transfer.

    Would you folks who have tried this recommend it, or would you advise I pick a new user ID, start fresh, and repurchase the programs want?

    Thanks a lot - I really appreciate the help!
    Larry Z.
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    See the following link for detailed instructions:

    Handheld Upgrade Guide for Treo 650

    Treo 650 on Sprint, as of 11/18/04!
    To transfer data from your current Palm device to the Treo 650, click here.
    To see my Treo 650 pics, click here.
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    Thanks so much for the link, Tanster...

    I'm really interested to find out if this stuff works in practice and not in theory! My 650's not here yet, but any minute now...

    Larry Z.
    That's me in the photo - you can check out my kung fu school at
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