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    Quote Originally Posted by aldamon
    I recommend picking up the 1GB today. The 2GB will probably be disproportionately priced upon launch.
    I hear that. I just ordered the 1GB from ecost for $89 with everything. I went for the 1GB after waiting 3 months for the Ultra2 2GB card. A review of pricing on the internet for the ATP 2GB card yielded tentative prices of $340-450 That's incentive enough to make due with 1GB or wait til prices drop.

    Also, I canceled the order for my Ultra2 at CDW. That puts the rest of you 1 place further ahead on the never-ending wait list
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    got it... i guess I get to upgrade from 1Gb to 2GB later...

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    Here is the 1GB ATP 60x kicking some *** in a Treo 650 with 661 in VFSMark. The best Ultra II score is 619.

    Of course, like with all of the cards, the score drops sharply when there's actually stuff on the card. I have ~70 megs free and I score 460. I've never run VFSMark with an empty card but I'm sure I'd get in the 600s as well. Quite simply, as soon as the 2GB model is reasonably priced, I'm all over it.
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    I added my data for the ATP 1GB too. Got a 668 on an empty card
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommccombs
    After reading the article on the ATP card:,

    I bought the 1 gb 60X card from ecost for $84.00. It is very fast. I had recorded several movies using PocketDVD and wanted to play them on business trips. Each move is recorded with about 240 mb so I can get 4 of them on a 1 gb card. It takes 30 sec. to down load 1 movie or 2 min. to down load all four. I am using the small ATP Flash mem. reader/writer ($9) to down load to the card. Ecost also had a kingston 512 card for $29 after rebate which I use for mp3's.
    VFSMark seems to be a nice estimator for the Treo, but people seem to get a lot of variation in results... even on the same handheld from one minute to the next. The article referenced by another list member above had a great "real time" practical review of hands on comparison between ATP and Ultra2 card that was extremely convincing. Thanks to 'tommccombs' for pointing us to it!
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    Write speed is still pathetic at 56%. Not much improvement over 32x.
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    what is the databus on the treo 650? SD slot, i'm referring to. This could explain the slower speeds...
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    actually one thing i would love to know is how ATP compares to Pretec...they are supposed to be the best of the best...
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